Why it Matters

Photo credit unknown. Shared from a Facebook post.

It matters. Children need books with characters that represent the world around them. Books with characters of different races, religions and physical abilities–just to name a few. Middle grade novels are doing much better with inclusion and representation than they were even a few years ago. But we have a long way to go. Especially with picture books.

We ran the Kickstarter campaign for Jeremiah Justice Saves the Day last year, because we wanted to go beyond what’s out there already. We wanted to create a superhero with a remarkable ability, unlike any other. Thanks to Rashad Doucet‘s brilliance, we did just that. We were able to raise the funds to publish the book up front, which allows us to donate the proceeds of the book to this foundation.

Please help us share the news. With your help, we can raise the funds to publish more superhero books with special needs characters. Thanks for your support!

Making a Difference

We are getting amazing feedback from people to let us know how Jeremiah Justice Saves the Day is making a difference to special needs kids. Here is an excerpt of one message: “Just thought I would tell you how much the boy I gave your book to loved it. His mom says he has asked to have it read to him every day. He holds his trading card all the time while zipping around in his power wheel chair throughout his house. He talks about his new super hero a lot! Great job, you are really making a great impact on special needs children everywhere!”

This is exactly what our foundation is here for–to make a difference! Thanks for the wonderful feedback. Please keep it coming, and please review the book on Amazon if you want help spread the word! Thank you.