Kids with disabilities are underrepresented in publishing. The founder of Superhero Success Foundation is a pediatric nurse and certified K-12 educator who has seen this first-hand. Jeremiah Justice Saves the Day, an engaging picture book featuring a superhero with a tracheostomy tube, is helping raise awareness in a fun way! In Jeremiah’s next adventure, Jeremiah Justice Saves Camp, our second superhero, Bella Grace, makes her first appearance. All proceeds of these books go directly back to Superhero Success Foundation. 

Through funds raised, an annual scholarship is being awarded to a graduating senior from the Savannah Chatham County Public School System to a student served in special education. Also books are being donated by Superhero Success Foundation to children’s hospitals, schools, and programs for kids with disabilities. 

The author, Melissa Miles and Illustrator, Rashad Doucet enjoy community outreach to share this special superhero, so use the form below to reach out to us! 

If you are a parent of a young child with a tracheostomy and you would like for your child to receive a free copy of the paperback book by mail, please click the contact button below.